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Where we work

Pragmatis has developed projects in more than 30 industries in several countries, working in organizations of diverse sizes. Our client portfolio accounts for small and medium business (annual revenue of USD 100 – 200 M), big national players and leaders, and large multinational corporations.

Examples of industries where we have worked


Constant growing population, change in consumer habits and increase in demand for food led to an accelerated growth of the agribusiness industry in the last years. We support our clients in the different stages of the value chain to keep identifying growth and productivity increase opportunities.

Consumer Goods

New trends in consumer goods industry (new channels and competitors, and shift in consumer behavior) present an additional complexity to our clients. We support national and multinational firms in several countries to identify new levers for efficiency increase in order to serve their markets.

Construction (Materials and Construction)

Industry dynamics demand players to adapt to ups and downs in economic activity. Pragmatis helps its clients in each stage of the cycle, supporting with differentiated management tools and efficiency increase.


Digital media completely changed education industry, both in terms of new tools as creating new competitors. Besides, an increasingly competitive labor market demands new products and solutions. We support our clients in several Market niches (primary, secondary and college education, publishing companies, etc.) in order to adapt to this new scenario.


Market complexity (legislation, long-term investment decision and coexistence of several stakeholders through the chain value) leads to inefficiency that usually stay “hidden” behind industry high profit margin. We help our clients identifying new profitability and value added levers.


Automotive industry presents challenges in every stage of the value chain – from assembly to sales and rental to final consumer. Our consultants have experience from working directly in the industry, both in consulting as executive positions in the main players of the market.


A market with high volatility and huge dependence on economic activity demands a constant pursuit of efficiency. We account for vast experience in the main players of the market having applied tools in the different stages of the economic cycle.

Industrial Goods

Reduction in logistics costs and evolution of communication technology led to a new competitive scenario where geographical barriers became much less relevant.t We support our clients on rethinking their business and adapting to the new industrial background.


Digital revolution changed paradigms of access to information and, as a consequence, the model and focus of the industry players. Pragmatis implemented several efficiency initiatives in large domestic organizations, which became critical for our clients in order to continue competing in their markets.


Evolution in medicine and change in population habits lead to constant dynamics in an industry that tends to consolidation and cost increases year over year. Besides, deregulation presents new management challenges in organizations. Pragmatis helps its public and private clients with eficciency increase initiatives without losing focus in quality, compliance and security

Public Services

Reduction in available resources and the need of serving a growing and more demanding population lead to the necessity of identifying improvement opportunities in a market where change culture is less settled. Our projects in the industry look for implementing efficiency initiatives with a high focus in change management.


We have vast experience in the main players of the market, supporting organization in their short and long-term challenges. A market with high investments and constant dynamics due to changes in technologies and final consumer habits demand visibility and objectivity in the decision making.

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