Who We Are

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Pragmatis is a management consulting firm that supports its clients on efficiency and profitability increase, translating strategy in results. Our pragmatic approach focuses on high impact and fast implementation solutions, but always guaranteeing technical and analytic rigor.

Over the years we built a successful track record of projects related to Planning, Sales, Distribution and Operations in several industries and markets. Our client portfolio —our main asset— is composed by top-level organizations in more than 10 countries.

Our team was built with professionals from the best schools in Latin America and huge experience in consulting and world class organizations.

We work every day to strengthen our brand and reputation in the market, sophisticating and enhancing our methodologies, developing our team and levering our clients’ performance.

Why Pragmatis?

Our principles guide our project and activities on a daily basis. Therefore, we trust in them to be our differential in the market:

  • Analytical and technical rigor in the development of our recommendation

  • Pursuit of maximum added value

  • Continuous improvement in our work and our team

  • Pragmatism in our recommendations

  • Simple and easy-to-understand solutions with fast implementation

  • Flexibility with our clients and partners (internal and external)

  • Meritocracy as an incentive to pursue maximum value added

  • Integrity and respect in our actions


Support our clients’ leadership to achieve significant improvements in performance implementing pragmatic solutions


Be world class benchmark in management consulting, known as the best option for clients and professionals

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