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How to Apply

We have an agile recruitment process that has two main stages: initial screening and interviews.

Initial selection consists in the resume analysis and a test for logical thinking. In case your profile matches with the one we are looking for, you will be invited to take a test for logical thinking(similar to the GMAT format) that is composed by 45 questions that must be answered in 60 minutes. Those questions are equally divided in issues related to Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency and Critical Reasoning (15 questions each).

In case you approve the test, you will be invited to the interview stage that has two rounds. The first one is an interview with one of our Senior Consultants or one of our Managers, while the second is held by our Partner Directors. Usually these interviews begin with questions regarding the candidate profile, where you will have to present your professional track record. Then, you will be asked to solve a case, where we expect you to identify the issue regarding an hypothetical problem and to structure a potential solution.

In some cases, the first interview round is replaced by a group dynamic, where the first part will assess your skills for team work and then you will have an individual activity on your own.

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